I like experimenting with new cosmetics and hair products. I have discovered a technique for getting dry hair using a vacuum cleaner. My first thought was, how can you use a vacuum cleaner to dry hair ? Hence why I did a little digging, and I am impressed!

Even though this seems strange, let me assure you that it is the next best thing in hair care. Using a vacuum cleaner will make the hair drying process short and easy.

Do you want to learn more about this incredible hair hack? The days of towels and hair dryers are over as I have gathered information to see if using the vacuum cleaner to dry hair is a hit or miss.

Old times favorite :

So, can you use a vacuum cleaner to dry hair According to ancient people, the answer will be yes.

Women used vacuum cleaners to build alternative hair dryers before the introduction of the portable hair dryer. They had to use their creativity to make more accessible methods of doing things, and a vacuum was their first choice for drying hair.

Separating the parts of the vacuum :

While we are using an actual vacuum cleaner We don’t need all of the machine components for drying hair. The intake port, motor, and other components are unneeded. The pipe is our key necessity here.

Hence, we need to separate the other particles from the pipe, just keeping the filtration machine attached to the tube. It will improve air circulation, allowing us to obtain dry hair.

Vacuuming airflow :

When the vacuum cleaner or vacuum is switched on, it draws in air from outside. Therefore, the moisture present in hair will be sucked inward, which creates less messiness and has the potential to dry the hair without causing any hair issues .

The suction pressure of the vacuum may also be adjusted, allowing any hair volume and type to be securely dried.

Hair damage :

A standard hair drier works by blowing air outward from the unit. As air is discarded from the inside to the outside, the hair becomes tangled as it dries, which may cause hair damage. The hair also becomes knotted, frizzes, and weakens.

When drying, the hair must be continually combed. And as per heavy brushing, hair-tearing happens.

Hair naturally falls downward due to gravity. So, sucking the hair in while posing and downward position of the pipe can be a game-changer for drying hair effortlessly.

No need for a comb or brush :

The hair drying process with a dryer requires the hair to be constantly brushed while the air flows out; otherwise, the hair gets messy. Because of the air flow path, it is difficult to dry hair without brushing or combing, otherwise you would wind up with a bird’s nest on your head.

Yet, the vacuum’s suction type does not need the use of any brushes or combs. You need to suck out all the water—no mess, no detangling process, or no stress necessary.

Alternative hair straightener :

Hair drying using this method can work as an alternative hairdryer and straightener. For this outcome, the vacuum is held in a downward direction. The inlet airflow will give the hair a natural straightening effect.

Lifesaver in emergencies :

It is usually a good idea to have a few solutions on hand in case of an emergency. In busy moments if the hairdryer is not available or is not working, using this vacuum hair drying method can save a lot of time and struggle. This vacuum hair technique might be very useful.

The relaxing effect of the hair :

This hair drying process is not recommended if you want to keep your curls intact. This method may offer a soothing effect to the curly or wavy hair. Nevertheless, applying hair curling products while the hair is still damp reduces the effect.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Can you use a vacuum cleaner to dry your hair?

You very certainly can. Vacuum cleaners may be used as improvised hair dryers to quickly dry your hair. The greatest aspect is that it causes less hair damage than using a hairdryer.

2. What happens when you use a vacuum to dry hair? 

When you use a vacuum to dry your hair, all of the water in your hair is sucked into the vacuum, leaving you with healthy, dry hair.

3. What did people use before hairdryer?

People utilized towels and air-drying techniques to dry their hair before the invention of the hairdryer. These drying techniques were time-consuming. The ladies also utilized vacuum cleaners to swiftly dry their hair.

4. Are vacuum cleaner hair dryers safe for hair?

Yes. The vacuum cleaner hair dryers are not harmful to the hair or the scalp. The vacuum cleaners do not have extreme intense suction to where your hair will rip off your scalp, nor does it have extremely high-temperature settings that will burn you. As a result, this is risk-free.

5. Can I use vacuum hair drying for small hair?

Yes. Short-length hairs can be dried using the vacuum method very quickly as well. This will hasten the drying process.

6. Which hair drying method is the best?

To reduce damage, let the hair air dry for a time. Therefore, using the towel to take off most moisture and then using a dryer will give the best result.

Final words :

The potential for a single device to serve many functions are numerous. Hair drying is an essential aspect of our daily shower regimen. Utilizing a vacuum cleaner as a hairdryer allows us to get more usage out of a single unit.

That will be a terrific lifestyle tip to remember and will be useful in times of need. If no hairdryer is available but you need your wet hair to be dried, use a vacuum as a quick fix to your problem.


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