Suction power is a crucial consideration when selecting a vacuum for you. Do you want to understand what suction power is and which suction power is best for your situation?

How do you choose the suction power of your vacuum?

With us, you can use the suction power filter from ‘regular’ to ‘very good’. This allows you to better aim your search for a vacuum with a very good suction power that vacuums all the dirt from your carpet. We base the suction power not only on the wattage, but also on other characteristics.


Vacuum cleaners are becoming more energy-efficient. Nonetheless, this does not diminish their potency. A newer vacuum might only have half of the power, but still the same suction power as an old vacuum. That is why we want to make your search simpler. We consider power while determining the suction power range, although it is not the most important consideration. There’s more to it than that.

Efficiency of the motor and vacuum

In addition to the power of the vacuum, the efficiency is important for the suction power. The less energy that is wasted, the more efficient the motor. All energy will be utilized directly to vacuum dust and grime. Also, vacuum technology is significant. A cyclone motor is a device that turns electricity into motion. The dust is pushed towards the dust collector by cyclones through the inner walls. The vacuum loses its suction and dust is gathered in the dust collector. Since this technology does not need as much power, it is often seen in cordless stick vacuums.

Contact between suction brush and floor

The suction power of your vacuum depends on the connection between the suction brush and the floor. The amount of air entering the tube at the bottom of the suction brush determines how hard the suction brush pulls on the floor. That is why it is critical to choose the proper suction brush. Choose a vacuum with a parquet brush if you have parquet flooring. Do you have any carpets? A multi-surface brush is required. If the connection between the floor attachment and the floor isn’t strong enough, it causes a low suction power.

Air resistance and air loss

The more air resistance there is along the road, the longer the dust needs to travel to reach the dust collector. As a result, the suction power will be reduced. This is also affected by the vacuum’s construction quality. The vacuum’s power is greatest when all holes in the vacuum are closed airtight. Is there any space between the suction brush, an attachment, the vacuum hose, and the vacuum itself? There will be many leaks, causing the suction power to diminish.

Dust reservoir

The type of dust collector or vacuum cleaner bag and the size of it affect the suction power of a vacuum. When a vacuum cleaner bag has an additional filter, the vacuum requires more suction force. The air will then flow outwards via all of the filters. Besides, the fuller the dust collector, the poorer the suction power.

Can I affect the suction power myself?

Yes. Have you noticed a decrease in the suction force of your vacuum? There are a few things you can do on your own. It’s important to replace the vacuum cleaner bag every 3 months or empty the dust collector in time. The vacuum cleaner’s suction strength decreases when the bag or dust collection becomes full. The same is true for filters. Replace them at least once a year or clean them properly every three months. Check to see whether the vacuum hose is also clogged. Blockages in the hose reduce suction power as well.

Related Questions

  • What is a good suction power for vacuum cleaner?

    A vacuum cleaner with 100AW suction power is a standard. A vacuum cleaner with a suction power of 100AW can absorb more things, but one with a suction strength of less than 100AW can only suck up dust and particle debris.

  • What does suction power mean?

    Suction Power
    The suction capacity indicates how powerful the vacuum cleaner is, and the air volume indicates how much air the vacuum cleaner is able to move. The suction power is calculated by adding the suction capacity and the air volume and reflects how powerful the vacuum cleaner is.

  • Does higher wattage in a vacuum mean better suction?

    Less efficient motors (motors that are capable of taking a greater load than the fan needs it to) will have a high wattage value, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the suction power is better. Low Wattage vacuum cleaners are not usually touted as a perk.

  • What does vacuum suction mean?

    The vacuum is created by suction. Suction is the method used to produce a vacuum, while vacuum is the entire absence of air. The vacuum is created by suction in a vacuum cleaner. The surrounding air rushes to fill the vacuum, carrying all of the dirt particles with it. The air gushes very forcefully.

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