Because cleaning professionals use vacuum cleaners every day to perform their cleaning tasks, it is not uncommon for them to take their machines for granted from time to time. Nonetheless, keep in mind that vacuum cleaners are complex equipment that must be properly maintained.

Knowing how to properly use your vacuum cleaner will help it last longer, improve worker productivity, and make vacuuming a lot safer. As a result, Tornado Industries provides the following advice for safe and correct vacuum cleaner handling:

1. When not in use, unplug the vacuum cleaner from the wall outlet. This safeguards the cable and plug and helps to avoid accidents.
2. Most commercial vacuum cleaners are not intended for outdoor use. Just keep and use them inside.
3. Never use a vacuum on a damp surface. This can damage the motor(s) and puts the user at risk for electrical shock. Before using an equipment that has been exposed to moisture, get it examined by a professional specialist.
4. Never let a vacuum cleaner fall. If a machine is accidentally dropped, have it checked by a certified technician before using it again.
5. Never drag a vacuum cleaner by its cord, and keep it away from sharp edges or corners.
6. Keep all powered moving vacuum cleaner components away from your fingers.
7. Keep vacuum cleaners away from children.
8. Do not vacuum up poisonous or combustible objects; if you are unclear what a substance is or if it seems peculiar, inspect thoroughly before cleaning the area.
9. Do not use the machine to pick up hard or sharp things such as glass, nails, screws, coins, and so on.
10. Keep vacuum cleaners in a cold, dry place.

“Spend a few minutes on a regular basis to examine your vacuum cleaner,” advises Jolynn Kennedy, marketing director at Tornado Industries. “This can help make sure any potential problems are spotted before they become serious…possibly preventing a lot of down time and costs to fix them.”


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