Why do vacuum cleaners Have you lost suction? There are quite a few possible reasons.


If your vacuum isn’t working as well as it used to, go through this useful checklist before investing in a new model:

Check the vacuum cleaner bag:

Vacuum cleaner bags collect all the dust and dirt collecting for bagged vacuum cleaners These bags are intended to allow air to pass through while trapping dust and allergies within.


The biggest disadvantage of utilizing bagged vacuums is that you must constantly replace the bags as they get clogged with dirt and dust. While it may sound more economical to just empty the dust out of a vacuum cleaner bag and re-use it, this can lead to a loss of vacuum suction (plus, it’s pretty messy work).

A extremely thin coating of particles will begin to line the interior of a vacuum bag over time and will stay in place even after the bag is emptied. This implies that the bag will lose the necessary airflow to allow the entering air to escape. As the airflow is restricted, the suction dies down too. Check, change, and replace the vacuum cleaner bag on a regular basis.

Check for a plugged hose:

Suction loss may occasionally be caused by clogged vacuum hoses. Hoses can get clogged with hair, dust bunnies, string, or anything else that can’t pass through the other end of the hose.

Samsung Vacuum Cleaner SC21F50HD

The airways inside the machine should also be examined. Wherever there is an air passage, check it. If everything is clear, go on to the next item.

Check the vacuum cleaner’s filter:

Vacuum filters are similar to vacuum cleaner bags, except they are designed for specific purposes. bagless vacuum cleaners .

Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner DC50MULTIFLOOR

While some bagless vacuums use centrifugal force to filter out particles, many bagless vacuum cleaners rely on a filter that acts as a sieve to purify the air coming out of the cleaner. Examine the filter to check whether it is blocked with dust or if it needs to be replaced.

Check for cracked or damaged hoses:

If you’re still losing vacuum suction, inspect your complete machine for cracked or broken hoses, since air escaping via a little crack may have a significant impact on your machine’s effectiveness.

Bissell Powerforce Vacuum Cleaner 1292U

What if the problem with my vacuum cleaner is not with the suction?

A vacuum cleaner might also fail in the following ways:

  • A damaged or malfunctioning belt is one of the most prevalent vacuum cleaner issues. It’s usually relatively simple to open up a vacuum to check the condition of its belt, though you may want to check whether this will void the warranty before you start tinkering. If the vacuum belt is actually damaged, take it apart and return it to the maker or an authorized reseller for a replacement.
  • Another common source of vacuum problems is the agitator brush, which touches the floor and helps pick up the debris. Hair and thread may get entangled in the brush and prevent the brush head from rotating. Cleaning the brushes regularly will help prevent this issue.
  • Vacuum cleaner motors may be harmed by moisture in addition to ordinary wear and tear over time. If enough water is sucked into a machine not rated for wet-cleaning, it damages the motor, causing a permanent reduction in suction power. Replacing a motor is sometimes more costly than purchasing a brand-new vacuum cleaner.

Therefore take good care of your vacuum, and it will serve you faithfully for many years. A little effort into maintaining your cleaner goes a long way.

But if you’ve examined the hoses, the bag, the filter, and even looked within the machine for broken or obstructed components and your machine still isn’t taking up junior’s spilt cereal, maybe it’s time for a new one.


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