What characteristics distinguish the finest vacuum accessories? No matter what kind of vacuum you own, the right set of vacuum attachments can enhance your vacuum cleaner’s overall performance and functionality.

Each vacuum attachment you buy should be of high quality and long-lasting. This manner, you may use it again and again without fear of it breaking during or after the first usage. Manufacturer’s warranties are often included with the top vacuum attachments to safeguard against problems.

Finally, the vacuum cleaner attachments you choose should be user-friendly and simple to connect and remove from your vacuum. For example, if you’re in the midst of cleaning, you don’t want to waste time attaching a new brush tool or nozzle. In this case, vacuum attachments developed expressly for your model or brand of vacuum are the best option.

Continue reading to learn more about the finest vacuum accessories and how they may improve the performance of the best vacuum cleaners on the market today.

Top Vacuum Accessories

1  GIBTOOL SCGH0032 Vacuum Accessory

WHY WE LIKE IT: This gadget multi-pack has many elements that target various sections of your house, such as corners, baseboards, and drapes. With its broad compatibility, this is a good solution for keeping floors, carpets, and fabric furniture clean, particularly if you have dogs. Hence, for the ultimate cleaning, couple it with a top-rated dog vacuum brush.


  • Incredibly versitile
  • Great compatabiliy
  • Included size adapter

The GIBTOOL SCGH0032 vacuum attachment kit is an ideal choice for those looking for a flexible and easy cleaning accessory. This multi-purpose kit includes 5 cleaning attachments and one size converter to keep your floors, furniture, and house free of dust, filth, and pet hair. Although no storage option is supplied with this kit, the components are tiny enough to fit in a hall closet or utility shelf.

Although most vacuums come with certain attachments, the GIBTOOL SCGH0032 vacuum accessory kit allows you to provide your own or replace an old set. These attachments’ broad bristles are excellent for stirring dirt and dust out of your carpets. Additionally, the multiple crevice tools are ideal for pet owners that need to reach the last few tufts of loose hair. Lastly, the upholstery tool includes anti-static protection, so you can clean your furniture and blinds without encouraging more mess.

 2  ANBOO 8542019759 Vacuum Accessory

WHY WE LIKE IT: This cleaning equipment is ideal for those who have a large house with solid floors. The wide head and dense bristles are fantastic for kicking up dirt and dust, especially in homes with tile or wooden surfaces.


  • Impressive bristles
  • Rotating head
  • Good coverage


  • Bristles can hold onto pet hair

The ANBOO 8542019759 vacuum accessory is a compelling option for users with hardwood floors or tiles with deep crevices. Unlike other vacuum heads with shallow or plastic bristles, this type has real horsehair bristles that are both resilient and gentle on your hardwood floors. Moreover, the bristles stir dust and pet dander from your flooring, reducing allergy problems. While the bristles sometimes get tangled with pet hair, the front slits in the brush ensure that it is easy to push obstructions into the hose.

In addition to having outstanding bristles, the ANBOO 8542019759 vacuum attachment is very compatible with numerous major brands that use a 1.25incn inner hose diameter. Its brush also rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to clean hard-to-reach locations such as your basement ceiling, walls, or behind furniture. Finally, with a breadth of 11″, this vacuum brush attachment covers a large area with each swipe, saving you time and energy.

 3  EnviroCare 32-1545-69 Vacuum Accessory

WHY WE LIKE IT: Because of its spinning head and strong suction force, this cleaning tool is an ideal choice. The raised front ensures that your unit pulls in the dust, hair, and dirt from your floors without getting stuck in the accessory.


  • Incredible airflow
  • Nice bristles
  • Rotating head


  • Occasionally falls off

The EnviroCare 32-1545-69 is an excellent choice for consumers with hardwood or tile floors who want to maintain their homes clean and dust-free. Its lightweight attachment is easy to connect to most vacuum types and reach the often-overlooked cracks of hard floors. The strong bristles agitate impurities while staying soft and leaving no residue. Although this attachment does sometimes fall off of certain vacuum models, the sturdy plastic body will not be damaged by a little drop.

In addition to durable bristles and being kind to floors, the EnviroCare 32-1545-69 vacuum brush head makes it simple to clean more than just your floors. The rotating head allows you to reverse this attachment to clean under furniture or along baseboards. Also, if you vacuum the cobwebs from your ceilings or corners, the bristles will not leave marks on your walls or paint.

 4  WORKSHOP VT1215 Vacuum Accessory

WHY WE LIKE IT: This versatile device has numerous components that allow you to access tiny nooks and crevices. If you regularly detail your car, electronics, or furniture, this model is an excellent pick to take care of grime, dirt, and dust.


  • Excellent reach
  • Great for electronics
  • Soft on delicate devices


  • Not efficient on floors

The WORKSHOP VT1215 vacuum accessory kit is an excellent solution for customers who need a strong clean on electronics or while detailing an automobile. This versatile equipment includes three replaceable heads, two extension wands, and a blowing adaptor for loosening dirt and grime. Although these tools are too little to clean an entire floor properly, the small crevice tool and brushes may be quite useful for cleaning floorboards and corners.

Moreover, the WORKSHOP VT1215 vacuum accessory kit is a micro-cleaning kit that would be an excellent addition to your automobile cleaning kit or computer hardware workshop. The little crevice tool allows you to clean between keyboard keys or automobile seats, and the various brushes may release dust and grime, making it simpler to attain pristine hardware. Moreover, the supplied straight and angled extension wands are ideal for cleaning locations that are difficult to reach with your hands, such as behind automobile seats.

 5  Wonlives 8542020098 Vacuum Accessory

WHY WE LIKE IT: This multi-part kit is very compatible and has adequate cleaning power to handle a variety of tasks. With tough bristles and a durable plastic design, this kit is a fantastic choice for cleaning cars, workshops, or the family room.


  • Incredibly tough on dirt
  • Great compatability
  • Nice upholstery tool


  • Smaller than standard attachments

The Wonlives 8542020098 vacuum accessory kit is an excellent choice for consumers seeking a diverse range of equipment to improve their vacuuming routine. This flexible toolset includes a size adjustment tool that makes it compatible with all vacuum brands with hose diameters ranging from 32mm to 35mm. Moreover, with five replaceable heads, this kit allows you to handle a wide range of cleaning tasks such as pet hair, spills, and general dust. Although the heads are a touch tiny, they allow you to clean hard-to-reach areas that a standard vacuum head cannot.

In addition to high vacuum compatibility, the Wonlives 8542020098 vacuum accessory kit makes cleaning simple and effective thanks to the interchangeable heads. The larger of the two crevice tools is appropriate for crevices in furniture and flooring. The tiny crevice tool has a swiveling brush that allows you to delicately remove debris before whisking it away. Lastly, the upholstery tool is fantastic for a furry home, and the anti-static strip ensures that you won’t attract more hair after vacuuming.

 6  KINW 8542019742 Vacuum Accessory

WHY WE LIKE IT: This fantastic set has enough elements to undertake significant cleaning chores or to touch up the details. Users with pets will especially love the included cleaning tool that will keep tangles and dirt from sticking in the bristles.


  • Frantastic cleaning tool
  • Great for pet hair
  • Durable design

The KINW 8542019742 vacuum attachment kit is an excellent choice for pet owners and users who wish to reduce allergies such as pet dander and dust mites. This multi-head toolbox includes a size adaptor to provide broad compatibility with vacuum models with inner hose diameters ranging from 32mm to 35mm. Unlike other manufacturers that leave matted hair in the vacuum bristles, this kit comes with a powerful cleaning tool to maintain this kit in good working order. Although no storage bag or box is offered, the attachments are tiny enough to fit in a closet or on a workshop pegboard.

The KINW 8542019742 vacuum accessory kit, in addition to the cleaning tool and size converter, maintains customers’ homes clean with a varied selection of heads. The compact crevice tool has a swiveling brush to release dirt and grime, and the anti-static upholstery head removes pet hair from furniture and blinds. The bigger crevice tool provides a vigorous clean around floors and corners, and the sturdy brush heads make refilling a welcome mat a breeze.

Beginner’s Guide to Vacuum Accessories

What Are Vacuum Accessories?

Simply put, vacuum accessories are items you can attach directly to your vacuum cleaner to enhance or adjust its base functionality. The overwhelming majority of vacuum attachments are nozzle or brush equipment that connect directly to your vacuum’s hose.

Vacuum Accessories vs. Traditional Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum accessories differ from traditional vacuum cleaners mainly because they are different products made for different purposes. Although a traditional vacuum cleaner has all of the technology and elements needed to clean, a vacuum attachment boosts that cleaning capability.

To operate correctly, vacuum attachments must be connected to home vacuums. On the flip side, vacuum cleaners typically include everything required to function correctly and don’t require additional accessories to fulfill their basic purpose of sucking up debris. There is no need to compare a broom versus vacuum because of their better cleaning powers.

How Vacuum Accessories Work

The operation of a vacuum attachment is totally dependent on its design and function. A nozzle accessory’s opening size, for example, may enhance or reduce its suctioning strength. Similarly, the kind and number of bristles on a brush tool provide a variable cleaning experience based on the type of floor or area being cleaned.

Accessories connect in the same basic method whether you use upright vacuums, canister vacuums, or cordless vacuums. The majority of vacuum attachments will connect straight to your vacuum’s normal hose or, if available, its detachable hose. Accessories for handheld vacuums often connect directly to the vacuum’s body.

Do You Really Need Vacuum Accessories?

A vacuum cleaner, by definition, may work without any vacuum attachments. However, the additional functionality and overall enhancement that these products provide are well worth the extra cost.

Are Vacuum Accessories Worth Buying?

  • You Need to Clean a Specific Type of Mess: One of the finest aspects of vacuum attachments is that they can assist you in cleaning a wide range of messes. While household vacuums with no attachments are still good at cleaning up standard dry messes, adding an accessory can help you more efficiently clean up pet hair from your furry friends, dust from under couches, or dryer lint from the dryer vent.
  • You Need to Reach Tight Spots: Several vacuum attachments, such as a crevice tool, may assist you in cleaning in difficult-to-reach areas with minimum effort. You’ll bend, stretch, and reach less, which will save you from aches and pains. A canister vacuum is particularly helpful if you want to vacuum tight spaces while having a larger dust bin capacity.
  • You Need More Range: Cleaning large areas with your vacuum may be difficult, particularly if you don’t have a portable vacuum. Vacuum accessories like extension wands and flexible hoses give you more overall range, so you don’t have to lug your heavy vacuum around all the time.
  • You Own a Cleaning Business: Anybody who operates a cleaning company needs the increased adaptability that vacuum attachments give. There’s no telling what messes or scenarios you’ll run into during professional cleaning, but with an array of vacuum attachments, you’ll be as prepared as possible.

Why Vacuum Accessories May Not Be For You

  • You Are on a Tight Budget: If you’re looking to save money, then purchasing a bunch of vacuum accessories may not be the best option for you. Thankfully, the majority of individual accessories are inexpensive, making them easy on your pocketbook. Overall, comprehensive accessory packages are more costly.
  • You Only Need Your Vacuum’s Base Functionality: There are many instances where your vacuum cleaner functions perfectly fine for your needs out of the box. If this is the case, investing in a variety of attachments will be futile.

How Long Will Vacuum Accessories Last?

Your vacuum cleaner should last you an average of five to seven years before it wears out, according to expert cleaning companies like Classic Cleaners. In general, you may anticipate the same lifetime from your vacuum attachments, but only if you get high-quality choices.

Since vacuum attachments deteriorate with usage, it is more essential to evaluate the firm from whom you are purchasing. If you purchase a cheaply made attachment, you are less likely to get a lot of use out of it before it breaks or wears out.

We suggest checking user reviews before buying inexpensive vacuum attachments. Most consumers will leave a review that the product they’ve purchased isn’t manufactured to high standards.

Likewise, compare the price of an off-brand vacuum attachment to that of a well-known brand. While there’s bound to be a price difference between the two, if the price of the off-brand accessory is significantly lower, then you might get a poorly made option.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Accessories

Using your vacuum cleaner as usual is one of the greatest methods to determine which vacuum attachments you need the most. Consider the duties you would want your vacuum to accomplish when you clean around your house or business. Very likely, you may acquire an accessory to assist with that function.

Vacuum Accessories Key Features

1. Crevice Tool

The crevice tool is one of the most often purchased vacuum attachments today, particularly if you have the finest vacuum for apartments. This gadget connects straight to the hose of your vacuum cleaner and has a slim body with an angled tip. Cleaning tight spaces like corners, baseboards, in between sofa cushions, and under furniture will be easier using a crevice tool.

You can also purchase a flexible crevice tool, which features a bendable nozzle that you can adjust specifically for the job. A flexible crevice tool may help you reach areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

2. Brush Tool

A brush tool is any nozzle attachment with soft bristles surrounding the orifice. These vacuum dust attachments are perfect for delicate jobs where you don’t want to scratch or scuff the area or item you’re cleaning. Common attachments in this category include a floor brush for hardwood floor cleaning and a dusting brush for cleaning delicate home decor items. If these accessories don’t work for you, you could be better off with the finest robot vacuum for hardwood floors.

3. Upholstery Tool

An upholstery tool has a broad head with strong suction to remove dust and other debris from upholstered furniture. These vacuum attachments may also be used to clean mattresses. Depending on the model you purchase, your upholstery tool may also feature a thin fabric strip that catches lint as you pull it across the furniture.

Choose the finest upholstery steam cleaner if you want to deep-clean your upholstery.

4. Floor Nozzle

A floor nozzle tool is a useful canister vacuum accessory. It has a large head and a swivel neck that moves with you. In addition, floor cleaning nozzles often include a switch that allows you to transition between bare and carpeted floors. Simply flip the switch to extend or retract the bristles, which are used for vacuuming carpets.

5. Nozzle Combination Tool

A nozzle attachment with multi-function capabilities is any vacuum accessory branded as a nozzle combination tool. A crevice tool and a brush tool, for example, may be included in a single attachment. Or a floor nozzle tool that lets you to alternate between cleaning bare and carpeted surfaces.

6. Extension Wand

An extension wand is a useful vacuum attachment that expands the overall reach of the hose on your vacuum. Extension wands are often made of hard plastic, as opposed to the flexible plastic of the hose. They connect to the end of the hose and even enable you to attach an extra nozzle or brush tool to the end of the vacuum wand.

7. Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit

Nozzle adapters with extra-long, flexible hoses are included in dryer vent cleaning kits. Just insert the hose into the vent of your dryer or the exterior dryer vent in your home. The tiny, long hose makes it easier to clean the confined region of the vent. Plus, the small diameter of the dryer vent vacuum hose allows for greater suction power.

Also, since concrete floors demand vacuums with significant suction power, this sort of vacuum might be an excellent choice.

8. Stair Vacuum

A stair vacuum attachment is typically a motorized tool for upright vacuums and handheld vacuums or self-propelled vacuums, allow you to clean the steps on your staircase more easily. Connect the tool to the extension hose of your vacuum, and the suction from your vacuum will power the motor that rotates the inside brush.

9. Universal Vacuum Adapter Kit

Since most models have various vacuum hose diameters, you may not be able to use any attachment on your individual vacuum cleaner. In this case, a universal vacuum adapter kit provides a variety of different attachments to fit the most common vacuum hose diameters.

Cordless vacuums are powered by batteries, which is why they are so adaptable and portable. But what if you run out of battery and don’t want to wait for it to charge? Many cordless and handheld vacuums feature removable batteries, which means you won’t be stuck with a single charge if you bring an extra battery along with you.

11. Wet-Dry Vacuum Attachments

There are various extra accessories to consider if you possess a wet-dry vacuum. Since a wet-dry vacuum can handle wet spills, consider an attachment with a built-in squeegee or a blower nozzle that can easily move water away from your working space.

12. Accessory Storage

Depending on how many vacuum attachments you use, it may be a good idea to locate a place to keep them. Accessory storage options are typically bags, but there are hard cases and storage racks available on the market, as well.

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